/Jeanne Constantin
/Born on the 14th November, 1991
/Swiss and French Nationalities,
  from Geneva
/Lives in London, UK
/Phone number: 00447459103793
/Email: jeanne.constantin@protonmail.com

work experience

/Graphic designer freelance – working for cultural
  centre, gallery, architecture agency, film
  collective, ... Creating visual identity, web
  design, publication, posters, ... 2014-present
  Selected projects:
/ATLAS arts — Arts Organisation Skye,
  Gàidhealtachd Futures, issue #1
  of new chapbook serie, 2021
/Studio-Studio Uk,
  Graphic Designer freelance, part-time
/Contemporary circus company,
  Gandini Juggling, 2021
/University of Oxford, Developmental
  and Exploratory Clinical Investigation
  of DEcision Support systems driven by
  Artificial Intelligence, DECIDE-AI, 2021
/Swiss wine growers,
  Cuvée genevoise ville du goût, 2021
/Cultural institution,
  Les Halles de Schaerbeek, 2020
/Film programming collective,
  Plagktos, 2020
/University of Architecture’s student
  group, Les Ateliers Nocturnes, 2016
/Non-profit organization – Gallery,
  Bureau des Réalités, 2016
/Theatre producer Elsa Chêne,
  show called Violet (co-created
  scenography, and design), 2016
/Film programming collective,
  Cinébus, 2016
/Political/cultural event,
  Europe Refresh, 2015
/Dance partners,
  Brussels Dance !, 2015

/Playworker — part-time, at local charity
  Oasisplay (innovative and inclusive outdoor
  play and learning opportunities),
  London, 2021-present

/Arts workshop assistant (Glasgow sculpture
  studios and Glasgow International,
  2019-2020) and art facilitator (Oasis Nature
  Garden – OasisPlay, 2021) Glasgow/London,

/Private Fine Art tutor, Glasgow, 2018-2019

/Graphic designer and artist for Les Halles
  de Schaerbeek – sole graphic designer
  and produced consistent visuals across
  multiple formats and media: prints,
  clearchannel, digital content, programme’s
  booklet, ... Brussels, 2015-2016

/Participant of a TADA (Toekomst ATELIER de
  l'Avenir, "a network that involves citizens,
  civil society and businesses in the
  integration and emancipation of Brussels’
  socially most vulnerable teenagers")
  workshop, Brussels, 2016

/Internships at two graphic design studios
  (Oilinwater, Speculoos), Brussels, 2014-2016

member, exhibitions
and residencies

/Collective exhibition “The Naming of Things”
  at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, October 2021

/Member of Evening Class, London, 2021

/Collective exhibition "Degree Show Master
  of Fine Art 2019” at the Glue Factory,
  Glasgow, 2019

/Collective exhibition "Ondate/Waves"
  at Officina 15, Bologna, Italy, 2019

/Residency at Forres, Scotland, February 2019

/Solo exhibition "Jeanne Constantin:
  Talking to the sublime" at Tontine GSA,
  Glasgow, 2019

/Glasgow International performance:
  Lost Illusions/Illusions Perdues by Sarah
  Pierce at The Landis Museum, Pearce
  Institute, curated by Chapter Thirteen,
  Glasgow, April 2018.

/Collective exhibition "Master of Fine Art
  Interim Show 2018" at the Reid (The Glasgow
  School of Art), Glasgow, March 2018

/Collective exhibition "Last Futures"
  at Tramway, Glasgow, March 2018

/Collective exhibition "La Foire Attraction"
  at Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, 2016


/The Glasgow School of Art, Master of Fine Art
  (Distinction), Glasgow, Scotland, 2017-2019

/ENSAV La Cambre, Bachelor of Graphic Design,
  (Distinction), Brussels, 2011-2014

/6-week binding internship at La Cambre,
  Brussels, 2014

/6-week scenography internship at La Cambre,
  Brussels, 2013

/Second Swiss award HKB (Bern University
  of the Arts), Bern, Switzerland, 2011)

/Billingual (French-English) and Visual Arts
  A level, First award in Visual Arts option,
  Geneva, Switzerland, 2007-2011

art workshop and inclusion
trainings, certificates

/Safeguarding Children - Level 1 - Part 1,
  London, August 2021
/Enhanced DBS, London, July 2021

/“Moving and Handling People
  & Safeguarding Level 1”, London,
  October 2021

/Online course “Trauma Awareness Training - Day 1”,
  by Kazzum Arts, London, September 2021

/“Access and Inclusion Training“
  by TourettesHero, London, September 2021

/Online course “Behaviour Management
  with Young People in the Arts & Cultural
  Sector”, by Artswork, London,
  February- March 2021

/Online course “Early-Stage Dementia
  Awareness Training for Arts Organisations”,
  by Arts 4 Dementia, London, February 2021


/First language French

/Second language English
  (IELTS diploma: 7.0 score - C1 level, 2016)


/One-year solo-trip in a van around Australia
 (Working Holiday Visa), 2016-2017

/One-year family trip on a sail boat crossing
 the Atlantic Ocean, 2003-2004


/Facilitator’s assistant at Brockwell Park
  Community Greenhouses, London,
  May 2021-present

/Phone co-ordinator at Covid19 Support
  Group - Glasgow North East,
  June-August 2020

/Artist Assistant at Sculpture Club and
  Sculpture Babies, Glasgow, November
  2019-July 2020

/Digger at Edinburgh Archaeological Field
  Society at Cammo Estate, Edinburgh,
  November-December 2019

/Unity Centre (support and solidarity to all
  asylum seekers and other migrants
  in Scotland), Glasgow, 2018

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have
any questions, I will gladly get back to you
as soon as possible.